Knightstown Water Department Statement

Statement from Knightstown Water Department

Situation Regarding Brown Water

 What is going on? 

We are experiencing a situation at the Knightstown Water Plant that may, from time to time, cause rusty water to come out of customer water faucets.  As a result, Knightstown Water Department employees have been performing a variety of tasks to resolve the situation, including regular flushing of the fire hydrants and calling on outside experts for assistance.  The department employees are doing everything possible to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

 What is causing this?

The Knightstown Water Department is an iron removal water plant, with a licensed WT-3 Operator.  One of the multiple steps to prepare the water for drinking is passing the water through a sophisticated filter system that takes iron out of the water.  The filter system has malfunctioned, which has caused the iron removed to be less than when the system is functioning at peak performance.  As a result, water can be yellow or brown in color when it comes out of the faucet.

 What is the Knightstown Water Department doing about this?

Experts in water department operations have been to the Knightstown Water Department to assist employees in diagnosing the cause of the discolored water.  A filter company is working with the Water Department employees to fix the malfunctioning filters.  The water is continuing to be tested on a regular and ongoing basis.  Testing results has been within the state and federal guidelines, which means there are no contaminants in the water that would make the water unsafe.

 What should you do?

If water comes out of your faucet that is yellow or brown in color, there is more iron in the water than you are normally accustomed to.  The water is testing at safe iron residual levels.

What is the timeframe to fix the problem?

Repair is underway and we anticipate the filter system should be fixed by the end of next week.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to provide safe water to our Town.