Water Department
Superintendent of Water, Randy Anderson
Contact: ktownwater@myninestar.net

Knightstown Water Utility

The Knightstown Drinking Water Department is a municipally owned utility located in The Town of Knightstown, Henry County in Indiana. Knightstown’s existing water facility was built in 1894 and while there have been minor upgrades to the system since that time, no major upgrades have taken place since 1991.

The plant serves a population of 2,182 people with 1,052 residential connections. The plant is permitted as a Groundwater Type C facility. The Source Water is listed as wells #1, #2R (replacement) and #4 all listed as active, with well #2 listed as inactive. 

The Town has two full time water employees, including one licensed operator.

In 2020, the Town Council determined, in order to assure that future needs of the water utility are met, the Town’s water system will be rehabilitated. A preliminary engineering report (PER), completed by FPBH, Inc. in 2013 and updated in 2019 has informed the types of upgrades the system will require in the next few years.  During 2021, the Town Council will be finalizing the plans and funding that will be required for a major water department upgrade to the facilities.

Recognizing that the water tower is the “heart” of the water department, in 2019, for the first time in recorded history, the Town Council implemented a Water Tower Maintenance Program that included painting of the water tower, as well as ongoing maintenance of the water tower to assure that it continues to support the water needs of the community.


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