Effective immediately:
The town of Knightstown and the local police department will be enforcing any and all laws and town ordinances against any person(s) who move or interfere with any road closures.  This includes but not short of any and all safety barriers, safety cones, barricades, or traffic signals.  Any person(s) moving or altering any traffic control devices can and will be fined up to $250.00 for each offense.  These closures are put in place for the safety of city workers and the public.  We ask for your respect in obeying the laws and ordinances set forth by the state and city.  

Indiana Codes:  IC 9-21-8-38 section 38 and IC 9-21-8-41 sections (a) (b) (c) pertain to safety zones and traffic control devices.  The sections listed above are the laws and penalties set forth by the state of Indiana.