Street Department

Effective immediately:
The town of Knightstown and the local police department will be enforcing any and all laws and town ordinances against any person(s) who move or interfere with any road closures.  This includes but not short of any and all safety barriers, safety cones, barricades, or traffic signals.  Any person(s) moving or altering any traffic control devices can and will be fined up to $250.00 for each offense.  These closures are put in place for the safety of city workers and the public.  We ask for your respect in obeying the laws and ordinances set forth by the state and city.  

Indiana Codes:  IC 9-21-8-38 section 38 and IC 9-21-8-41 sections (a) (b) (c) pertain to safety zones and traffic control devices.  The sections listed above are the laws and penalties set forth by the state of Indiana. 

Did you know that the Street Department...

  • Works to maximize dollars for the Town residents by applying for funds available to our community
  • Has applied for and received three rounds of the Community Crossing Matching Grant program, through the State of Indiana.  This program matches 75 cents for every 25 cents that the Town invests in the project, allowing Knightstown to complete street projects that would otherwise not be possible due to operating dollar restrictions.
  • Is responsible for all road signs throughout the Town?
  • Enforces the Annual Weed Abatement Ordinance?

Our Values

  1. Safety – The safety of staff and the city’s residents is the first priority
  2. Service – Provide great customer service
  3. Quality – Providing courteous, competent, responsive and professional service
  4. Teamwork – The Town’s needs are met by effective collaboration

What We Do

In line with the Town Council goals to create a safe, livable and sustainable, prosperous and well-run town, the Street Department performs a wide range of planning, oversees and coordinates construction, and performs maintenance, and enforcement activities to maintain the Town’s public works infrastructure and enhance the experience and quality of life of residents, visitors, and stakeholders.

Key Programs

Pavement Preservation
Our Pavement Preservation Program maintains the street network throughout the Town limits and strives to maintain improved streets, alleys, and related throughways in perpetually good condition while providing desirable standards of safety, appearance, and convenience for our residents, businesses, and visitors. 

Street Tree & Median Maintenance
The Street Department manages street trees growing along public roads and parkways as well as other public ways and the Cemetery trees. The trees throughout Town protect our homes and streets, reduce energy usage, minimize the “heat island effect”, help clean the air, and improves property values making neighborhoods cooler, more livable, and sustainable.  

Street Improvement Construction
The Street Department is responsible for improvements that enhance the safety, accessibility and mobility of the community.  Street improvements include curb ramps, sidewalks, pedestrian and bike facilities, hardscaping and landscaping, and concrete construction to create a more livable and sustainable city. 

Street Sweeping
The Street Department cleans the main roadways throughout the Town limits. The street sweeper operates to clean streets, which results in clean and aesthetic conditions and protects the environment by reducing storm drain contamination and air pollution.

Sidewalk Repair
The Street Department offers a matching sidewalk repair program.  The Street Department matches cost at 50% of the total cost of the repair.  For example, if the total cost of your sidewalk project is $1,000, the Town would pay $500 and the homeowner would pay $500.  

To apply for this program, please contact he utility office to seek approval for funds before you begin your sidewalk project.  Please be aware that this is a first-come, first-serve opportunity, depending on availability of Town funds for sidewalk project and can vary from year to year.

Street Maintenance
The Street Department keeps the roadway surface, concrete curbs and associated structures in good condition by performing minor repairs (such as pothole repairs) to roadways, concrete, alleys, storm drains, and unimproved roadways.  It also provides inspection and enforcement of private property weed abatement regulations to minimize fire, health, and safety hazards.