Electric Department

Electric Department

The Knightstown Electric Utility was established in 1908.

During the1940’s the town upgraded their substation with the switch gears that remained in use until 2016. A new substation was built in 2016 and was critical to be able to supply power due to past switch gear failures and the lack of availability of replacement parts for the outdated system.

The electric supply is a 4 Kv system, or 2400 volts. The power feeding the town, from Duke Energy, is 69000 volts, which the Knightstown substation reduces to 2400 volts and distributes throughout the grid.

The electric department is responsible for not only supplying power throughout the service territory, but also for the replacement of poles, lines and transformers; trimming of trees that are in power lines, and replacement of secondary services, as needed, to maintain a reliable source of power to our customers.

In 2018, the Town Council made a bold decision to utilize the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) Service Corp for the provision of electric department utility services. 

The IMPA Service Corp is a service available to municipally owned member electric utilities throughout Indiana.  By providing assistance in the areas of system management, distribution utility services, outage restoration and substation maintenance, IMPA's experienced crews and staff work with the Town Council and Works staff to solve issues, large and small, and ensure a quality electric service to our customers. 

IMPA Service Corp services provided include:

  • System Management:  System Management Services are provided by the IMPA Service Corp.
  • Routine System Maintenance and Equipment Replacement: IMPA Service Corp assists with routine system maintenance, large-scale construction projects and substantial rebuild construction projects. System planning and engineering assistance is also utilized, as needed.
  • Emergency and Storm Restoration: Aimed at reducing the duration of distribution system power outages, IMPA Service Corp has regional alliances for the purpose of providing Knightstown and other communities with adequate line personnel and equipment in the event of an outage on their system. They coordinate the procedures and staffing requirements for outage response so that our customers are without power for the least amount of time possible. members.
  • Substation Maintenance: IMPA Service Corp also provides Substation Maintenance Services to Knightstown as we operate and maintain substation distribution equipment.

Since working with IMPA Service Corp to provide day-to-day utility services in Knightstown, the services provided to residents have been greatly updated and power outages have been minimized as much as possible.


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