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Established in 2019, the Knightstown Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is responsible for the assessment, planning, replanning, remediation, development and redevelopment of economic development areas in Knightstown. Following slightly longer-than-normal initial terms that were required by state statute, the RDC's five members, beginning in 2021, are appointed annually – three by the town council president and the other two by the entire town council. The superintendent of the Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corp. currently serves as a nonvoting adviser, and the Knightstown Clerk-Treasurer, acting as the town's fiscal officer, serves as the RDC's treasurer and is responsible for the administration, investment and disbursement of all the RDC's funds and accounts. More information about the duties and responsibilities of RDCs, generally, can be found in the Indiana Code at IC 36-7-14.

Current RDC Activities in Knightstown:

  • Masonic Lodge Building – In 2019, the RDC took over ownership from the town of the Masonic Lodge building on the northwest corner of Main and Jefferson streets in the heart of Knightstown’s downtown. The RDC has overseen some repairs to the property, including the building's recent reroofing, and is seeking a buyer who will restore the historic building and develop it into a resource that will strengthen the community.
  • Housing Development Plans – The RDC and the town have approved a housing development off North Adams Street that will include 22 market-rate condominium units that will provide modern, tasteful housing that will nicely complement the historic housing located throughout the town.
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) – Plans are underway for development of a local parcel of property into a PUD that could provide facilities for new businesses in town.

There are also other projects in the pipeline, all intended to add to the quality of life in Knightstown, as well as increase local tax revenues to support continued economic development initiatives.

Knightstown Redevelopment Commission Members:

Roger Hammer, President
Jeff Eakins, Vice President
Kelli Adams
Landon Dean
Cheryl Hammer
CAB Superintendent Jed Behny, Nonvoting Adviser
Knightstown Clerk-Treasurer Beth Huffman, RDC Treasurer